Saturday, 18 March 2017

Landstills 2

I had finished the display in the Art lounge ( back room ) ...a display of , ' Quiet landscapes, ' and enjoyed them. Quiet, reflective, calm, peaceful. I liked the atmosphere that the paintings helped to create.

I never would have thought to put two paintings together on the chimney breast but I really liked them there.

The board in the corner holds 15 small canvases...well, paper mounted on canvas....still working on the framing of the work on paper.
Quite a lot of the paintings have gone off to Silson Contemporary, Harrogate this week for a show in May. Sarah Collier of Silson contemporary visited this week to select a collection for the Gallery. So I will just have to paint some more. And I don't feel quite done with , ' Quiet landscapes, ' yet.

This was another Landstill. What did I want from these....well a kind of snapshot in paint , a, ' zoom in , ' on the landscape. I wanted them to be abstract and I wanted the paint to , ' flow.' It's hard with this 12 inch size to achieve any kind of, ' flow, ' try again...

I tried to introduce some darker tones and a little more texture...I just need to do more of this size.

A try at a 17.5 x 52 cm piece. Try again.

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