Sunday, 18 February 2018

Urban marks ( 4 )

Continuing with Urban marks. Loving them. Slowish process though, lots of a painting and then almost a ,' breakthrough.' Need to get back on making the boxes. That takes time too. Still caught up with simple shapes, blocks of colour and trying to get a, ' feeling ,' of a place/ time / atmosphere.

I am aware that I have become interested in skylines. Specially those urban ones that I drive through on my way to Manchester ....and especially those in twilight. Research paintings of skylines.

This middle one was a 15 cm piece in inks. Sumi ink and acrylic ink. Want to I do another series of Northern ones, well really about my childhood ones, so am just dipping my toe in.

Urban mark 22. Acrylic, Golden glazing liquid, 12 inches square board on a frame to make a box. I love the pieces on the boxes.

I like these really because I look at them and think it doesn't seem so apparent whether the artist was male or female. I like

What else did I like ? Size ( 12 inch square seems just right , they are intense and maybe would be too strong to paint larger. Of course I must try but I need to do a lot more before I do....hence the 30 days of urban marks.

Sunday, 11 February 2018

Urban marks revisited ( 3 )

My creative process is very interesting...well to me anyway. I did my dissertation on the creative process back in  2001 and maybe I still don't understand that why it's still interesting to me ?

Anyway, this is what I do....

DEFINE what it is I want to do ( eg Nothern/ Urban )
RESEARCH what other artists have done and look back at what I have done
PLAY in the paint, sit with the boards /paper and play ( make time )
LOOK for something to come out of the paint.....sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.
REVIEW what I have done without being too critical . 

Love it.....

These are some of the urban boxes that I have done this week. I am looser on paper, so have to include more of works on paper.

Urban mark no 18 12 inch sq.....made me think a little of Whistler....research Whistler

Urban mark no 19.....will defo paint over this one ! 12 inch sq.

Urban mark no 20 was more about the simplicity I wanted. 12 inch sq.

Urban mark no 21, ' the fog settled on the window sills.' 12 inch sq...thinking about whether to title them or not...can't decide....decide later then

Also this week reviewing paintings for Hope gallery....the ones below are 52 cm square.

A faded landscape. 52 inch sq.

A dark, faded landscape.52 inch sq.

Landscape greyness. 52 cm sq.

A light darkness. 52 inch sq.

A breath of fresh air. 52 cm sq.

So, I use my Pinterest boards to kind of catalogue my work. I have a secret one that I. Log everything on and then a public one where I put the selected ones ( that I don't mind people seeing ) on. It works for me. A big part of my creative process is to live with the work and at the end of  ( sometimes a lengthy period ) decide if it is fit to go out into the world so to speak ! Strange !

Sunday, 4 February 2018

Urban marks revisited ( 2 )

Tentative steps into the Urban marks this week. Wanted simple .....lines, colours, shapes, content/ composition. Fail then, because they came out as little pictures ! I don't mind them though and it is an example of how there is no controlling that creative spirit.....if it doesn't want to do simple lines, colours, shapes, composition then there's no way on Earth it will happen ! The pressures off though because I have undertaken to do an urban mark a day for the foreseeable to ,' loosen up,' or explore the subject comprehensively. Mmm can't wait.

Need to review what I have done under,' urban marks,' I title them ? Or number them ( research John Virtue, I loved the fact that he just numbered his London work...)

So, back to Daily painting, one of my special loves. This decision came from just reviewing where I was in different aspects of my work and reflecting on what I like to do best ( paint a's fair enough )

The spiral symbol came to mind. It's the symbol of my own creative spirit, returning to certain areas of work with increased knowledge and ability each visit. So true.
Below. I am always on the lookout for tools to scratch into the paint. Christmas present was dental tools. I like them , the ends have different thicknesses and shapes to make marks with. Mmmm

This was the first of the week, and I collected the words as I painted....
There are a lot of horizontals and verticals in my Northern Landscapes.
You can't avoid what you see every day
The mills and chimneys are still a background to my world )
I like the paints dryer, I have less control....and for my way of working control is an absolute no no
The urban marks are more considered on the boxes 
The symbol of my creativity is a spiral
Bring in colour
But it's colourless at this time of the year
Look back at lines and grids
Look at Susan Laughtons work
There's no need to define every area of the picture plane....I like some space
Research Anna King for lightweight washes / glazes
Accuracy doesn't seem to have a major place in work
Doesn't feel as if I have had a good paint unless I've gone on a roll
Mix some light grey/ green ( not cream )

Sunday, 28 January 2018

Urban marks revisit

Back to the Urban marks this week. They were sidelined for the greys some weeks's their turn again now. Where to go with them ? We'll I don't need to think about that today, I have lots of boxes made to paint on and images to paint over. It struck me this morning that as artists we want ,' quicksand,' we want,' elusive.' We don't want,' easy,'......' Easy come, easy go ! ' although we may think we do occasionally.

As artists we,' search in paint.' And that's what I want to do today.

' Catching the words,' as I paint is massively helpful. Often words come to mind during the painting process randomly. It's helpful to look at those words may open up something for you or help you make a decision on your art. Anyway so I collected the words for this reprint of an urban image.... ( I just write them down as I paint )

What do I want?
A feeling of warm, gritty urban.
I love umber
The white primer was way too harsh.
The lights bad
I don't want fuss
 I want an economy of line, colour, tone, mark
Getting too much clutter
New guardian size good for me
Blacks are too harsh too
Put some light in
How ?
Urgh !
It's never one area that doesn't work in a painting....if it's not working , it's the whole, so look somewhere else other than the place you think isn't working
Mixing White is underrated
It's as much about what you wipe off as what you put on
David Sharpe ( economy )
mishiul Choudhhury ( colour yet urban )
Nina Murdoch ( intrigue )
Way limited palette
Be bold.

This was the finished ( for today ) one

Didn't want to title it, wanted an ambiguity. I liked....colours, some of the has ( for today ) some kind of rightness to it.....maybe it has a little too much information, with it

This was the second. I like...the abstract qualities....the drips...the colours.....I perhaps will define a mill with it....

Where to go
Carry on with daily urban marks ( with the last series, I have selected only a few for framing and deselected quite a high percentage...that's ok for me, maybe this next months series will have a higher rate of  ones avoiding the,' paint over,' pile.

I love to do new series of art. Love it at the beginning where the search is in paint.

Sunday, 21 January 2018

Whispering greys 7

Repaints on the canvases , again this week. Phew. Changing from board to canvas has been very, very hard. I have wanted to bail out of the canvas soo many times and go back into the trusty board. But I haven't. These five paintings have had the record number of repaints and, ' working back into,' than any of the paintings I think I have ever done. And with each application of paint, they have gone paler and paler. Mmm. So these are today's. Again touched up the same 5 canvases but getting a little more confident at handling the paint on the canvas.
Two of the canvases ( 32 inch ) on the Art lounge chimney breast. To be lived with.

32 inch square acrylic on canvas...I like..the size, the colours ( the greens and the lilacs ) the shivery ness of the piece...the with it

This has had so many incarnations. But living with it now ( which seems to be quite a long process with these canvas ones ) I like ....the colours, the balance between the lilacs and the warm greens )

Maybe I need to title them to take them a stage further now....this one is a dream landscape...soft...soft focus....drips....I like a lot although still feel unsure about whether it's done.

Still unsure of this one...needs more living with.

Another dreamy one....they all tie together so much,it's hard to see where one ends and another begins. Work on the titles.

Back to small ones now to work out where I am going with them. With each paint application , I have taken away the dark tones and the tonal contrasts. Mmm. Strange kind of occupation this painting malarkey. So unsure of what you are doing, where you are going, how you are going to get there, have you arrived. But that's what I like as an artist.Mmm

Right, so on a lighter note, part of my, ' day job,' is to run an Upcycling group for Emmaus Mossley, a group of around 20 volunteers who come each week to upcyle donated furniture and bric a brac. We paint furniture, make cards, sew, knit, laugh etc And bring in an income for Emmaus Mossley. So, part of my role is to come up with card ideas for our hand painted card range. These were this weeks.
 Painting pinks ( as in the flowers ) .......

The husband had on his supermarket list, bunch of reduced flowers....he picked these and brought the hem home. I have never painted a pink in my life ! I didn't want to either....

These were the images I came up with using as a background some of the papers my 19 month granddaughter creates . She loves to sit at my Art table drawing and painting, filling sketchbook after sketchbook....we have masses.....using her backgrounds with a simple drawing on top really worked. I love them.

Granddaughter and her Uncle at our Art space.Mmmm

Granddaughters backgrounds with a light wash over.

More card images for Upcycling.....tried a wren. Mmmmm. 

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Whispering greys (6)

A, ' repaint, ' today. Enjoyed the process but the end painting seems light hearted and shallow. Not at all what I want. Shame....but also , I know to keep trying ! It's different on the canvas and I want to master it, without even getting close.

Try again. What do I like ? The lightness...the colours...some of the textures....what can I do to improve it ? ....more of everything !

Saturday, 6 January 2018

Whispering greys ( 5)

Another week, another couple of paintings. Still basically unhappy with what I am producing but he Ho, that's part of an artist's condition. Still in greys, I love greys. We worked in graphite on gesso in the art group on Wednesday.Nice. A series of them would be nice too. My demonstration drawing was quiet, empty, slightly melancholic......all the thing so love. I had been looking at the work of Laurie Steen and Helen Acklam. Both wonderful.

This was the drawing. I used a 2 b pencil but did add water to the mix. The wooden screen printing tool is what I have been using for making straight marks on the works.

Still working on the 32 inch square canvases. I have 10, so I am just working back into them repeatedly. It's easier to work intuitively on a smaller piece, I seem to have todo have some kind of a plan before starting these bigger ones. Mmm. Just keep trying.

I like...the drips, the subtlety, the greys. I need to it finished ? Does it need more lights and darks ? Is it too subtle. with it.

This was today's. I was trying to include a darker tone . I like...the drips ( I have got a little preoccupied with drips ) the scratchy marks made with the etching tools, the mixture of colours, gold and grey. 

These were the first two canvases. I still like them 2 weeks on. They don't photograph well though. Interesting. The light has been dark, or at least when the light has been bright I haven't been able to get to photograph them.