Saturday, 21 January 2017

Grey 10 and sketch of bella

We had to have our Jack Russell ( with attitude ) put to sleep on Wednesday. She was so ill, so quickly. This sketch was from a photo taken last week on her walk. I did it on primed Mdf , medium acrylic and tears. But it did give me some comfort to sketch her and put the sketch near the fire, her favourite place ! Phew

Of course my inner artist tells me I could have done it better but it has caught something of her , so leave it ! It is automatic that my upset is played out in paint, my natural means of expression.

Managed also to paint, ' A quietness, ' acrylic, 33 inches square on board. Still in greys but bringing in gentle colour. Reminds me of Fred Cumings palette...research. I love the paint ! 

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Studio tidy up ..trying not to paint

Trying not to paint in order to clear out and tidy up in the studio. Failed on the 7 day painting task ! But will have to get my act together tomorrow because we are working in oils in the Art group on Wednesday.

I have invested in led lights to help the clarity of my photographs. Phew. I painted a wall white following the advice and tried the photographs. These are they. We will see.

Had a 52 cm sq painting framed.

Have to tidy up ! Too many piles of stuff !

Back to woodwork and making a frame . Will post the results tomorrow.

52 cm sq. Acrylic on canvas. Trying the new led spotlights.

An older distilled landscape.

One of the a Mills and hills series, 15 cm sq. sumi ink.

32 inch sq. Acrylic on board.

52 cm sq. Acrylic on board

Lots of work tomorrow !

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Grey 9

Sunday....the weather has met my paintings...such it...taken photos on the dog walk and going to paint from them this week....had been nominated for a 7 painting challenge by David Sharpe ( gorgeous tonalist painter ) so thought I would take the opportunity to paint something this week that I wouldn't normally paint ( I might fail on this , but this is today's thought) like buildings, cars, dog.Mmm. We will see.

These are the photos of the walk

Trying to redo the Art lounge in greyscapes....

These were three 33 inch square pieces

This was yesterday's piece that I worked back into this morning....kind of gentles it

Dog nearly singing her fur in front of the Art lounge fire

Decoupage frames from this week....decoupaged with old paintings them

Is is any wonder I paint trees....Art lounge view !

Saturday, 7 January 2017

Grey 8. s

Still in grey but have tried not to paint this week in order to reflect on last year, which hopefully leads to a little more planning next year. As an artist I am quick to pick up the paints / go in the studio/ start another new project.....and very slow to do all the other stuff of being an artist ! .....finishing off projects ( like the My North project ) marketing, planning , tidying up etc !

So, I am not supposed to be painting landscapes....I promised myself to try and finish the.  ' my North,' project he ho though...just had to do the Friday night practice and am still in grey. The Friday night practice is just painting without pressure, knowing that I might well paint over all of it tomorrow !

So, still in greys, whether it's finished or not , I have loved this piece...I have been using varnish mixed with the acrylics to help get the glazes...that's worked and produced quite a lot of texture too. I have used charcoal powder dropped onto wet paint...that's worked too....and a favourite tool is a printmaking tool, I think it's for etching, I just scrape into the surface. I am painting on Mdf, canvas is never much use for painting process is too vigorous .

I like an ambiguity in apiece but that's harder in a bigger piece, you generally need more detail ( that said, think of Joh Virtues big skyline prints- research them again...Through the piece it became more important to try and achieve some pieces , although I love the , often tend to bland , that , I think , is because I blend a lot.

I returned to this one today and loved it once more. It's absolutely wet through ow though and I can do no more until it's dried out by would be beneficial to work on more than one at a time but I can't seem to multitask in paint !

' A grey skyline,' 33 inch sq. Acrylic on board...maybe unfinished...

Saturday, 31 December 2016

Grey 7 . Looking at Turners working practice

One of the major pluses of doing the social media, particularly Facebook, is the critical feedback that you get from other artists. This week I have been referred to Turner's , ' Colour beginnings. ' I hadn't specifically heard of them before....they need major research. I was also tRyingt no think about Turner's working practices....I have an image in my mind that he worked on lots of paintings at the same time....but I can't find the image though. I often feel connected to Turner when I work and I do feel that he got lost in the paint ( as I do ) and then had a mastery to simply put a building or a boat on top of the paint which then makes you read the paint in a completely different way....might be interesting to separate out a boat / building of his and put it into another painting.Mmm...just a thought...

Anyway, what I love about being an artist is that you can research a subject just as much as you want to in order to fuel the muse, drop it when you want....we are not doing any study for any other reason ( like an exam ) than for it's own sake, so my research is random , interesting bits and pieces, that might help my aim of working like Turner for a week !

Turner was considered too bright in his day ( usually the paintings were more subdued )
His Dad did a lot of the prep for him ....made his stretches ( oh ...if only )
He liked to work on a white or off white surface ( he defo brought his watercolour skills to oils )
His stretchers were often 2 x 3 foot or 3x4 foot.
He completed 19,000 water colours , drawing and oils

So the idea was that I would create 9 at once and work on them together....Fail....made 6 boxes and then got fed up. Worked on them individually and then collectively.....

So these were the six after a few days woodworking and then painting ( dark primer )... The pieces were 12 inches square , on board.....

The pieces reflect the quiet contemplation I was after...these were the words...distilled stills...are they abstract enough b...getting too much clutter in them...edgy simplicity...brought the sky down.... Gently distilled...are the lights light enough and the darks dark enough ? ...I seem to go high key always when painting in grey....flat skies.....

I like working all a prima ( in one sitting) but just couldn't get them to work...
Because the surface is sooo small the painting needs to be pared down... The landscape element reduced / distilled
The tones are massively important to the atmosphere

Will pick out the titles for the works from the phrases that come to mind when I painted them.

At the end of the experiment I felt that it didn't suit me at all to try and paint more than one at a time...I was muddled and the paintings then became muddled too....I ended up seeing the six as one piece of work rather than 6 individual paintings.....they each needed their individual time....It was massively useful to try this

So, also this week , I have been thinking about mounting and framing pieces. I was trying to use old frames and have decoupaged old, discarded paintings on paper.....that seems to work so try a few the art

I am trying to be in a period of reflection in my work. As an artist I am quick to paint but slow to do the marketing, selling, tidying, finishing off stuff......I am presently drawing up my, ' to do,' list....for next year........think I will do it in a separate post so that I can quickly refer to it throughout the year...........

Saturday, 24 December 2016

Grey 6 ..Garden paintings

Still in greys....repainting old, rejected paintings, still thinking about mists and looking at the garden photographs....this was the painting finished this has taken a long time, but I have enjoyed the process of looking at different greys and looking at opaque white balanced with transparent, mixing white and varnish. Massive potential...

The finished painting could have a little too much going on, maybe too undefined....but those things could be pluses too.....what do I like...the colours, the shapes which seem to suggest whatever you want and the dark smudges of the pencil crayon.....could I do a series of garden paintings....potentially

Too early to say anything about this

This one is an old favourite , retouched to enhance the lights and darks....

I am wanting to take time out from painting over Christmas to reflect and plan for next an artist I am quick to go into , ' paint mode, ' but slow to do all the planning/ marketing/selling....

Saturday, 17 December 2016

Grey 5 . Emptyness

For the last two weeks I have been doing a, ' Friday night practice,' painting without any pressure, practicing. I got the idea from another artist...I think it apwas Jeanne Mayers...will research. Anyway, it has massively apprealed to me...I like experimental work, I like to use different mediums and subject matter. I like it best when there is no pressure to create a certain piece.

Still looking at them ....and love the mists....had a problem with the greys I mixed in so much as when I put white in, the white acrylic made the grey very opaque....that's ok in the main...but not always. Bought some mixing white ( more transparent ) so have used that in this piece....and loved it...also bought this week ...paynes grey, very transparent but very blue...and Davy's grey....very transparent but very it though....

Painted last night over one from last week....and corrected some elements today....these photos were from the garden this morning...loved it !

This was the painting. ' Emptyness,' 33 inches sq. Acrylic and varnish on board. I had drawn the trees and then put varnish over the crayon to protect it and keep it there. 

At this time of year, I naturally select greys...the winter light affects my choices of colour. If I want to paint using more colour, I use a S.A.D. Light box which seems to help me choose stronger and brighter colours....interesting ( well to me anyway ) .....theses light boxes are used for seasonal depression but I don't suffer with depression, I have just learned over the years through going in the Sun, abroad in Winter that my colours are affected by the light......this year, for the moment, I am happy to stay in greys.....I am really loving them !  When I studied Art at Huddersfield University ( 1999 - 2002 ) we had a tutor Beverley Little who used to constantly encourage us to help identify our own creative process....what makes us paint....when do we do our best work....why do we choose certain subjects to explore.....all in an effort to try and understand our, ' art selves. '