Sunday, 23 July 2017

Evening series 3

Still , ' living with, ' the Evening series of paintings. Still unsure.But that's how it is. Worked back into one of the pieces on display and worked into open old one. Wanted to leave more brush marks on the work as well as being more definite with the tonal contrasts...but , as always , they have gone their own way ! Live with them....mi seem to be doing lots of that just lately....

52 cm sq. Trees into light, acrylic on board.

Land, acrylic on board, 52 cm sq.

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Finishing the backs of the paintings

So, I paint on Mdf that I have cut to size at B And Q. I don't put a frame on the back until someone wants one or a gallery wants then. So , this has been this weeks work , putting the backs on lots of paintings for the gallery. It's tedious work so it's worth trying to turn it around for next time and  put the backs on first....try it...

In terms of Art, I want to repaint the paintings in this corner. 12 inch sq , 2 inches deep. I have been looking at the work of Lewis Noble, such energy on the paint surface achieved by painting intuitively, adding collage, working back and back into a surface and lots of scratches and lines. 

So, this below was the first one...For me, a major difference to my working process is to put down a layer of collage , paper, and leave it to dry , working back into it....texture ! Texture! Texture ....

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Evening series (2) July 2017

This week I have been concentrating on completing an , ' Evening series.' It's useful often to have a deadline, even if the deadline is one that you set for yourself. So, I managed, with enjoyment to complete the eight , ' evening paintings.' I noted the evening landscapes this week and the tones were the light went down, the tones came out in strength. That, for me, though, didn't translate into paint....I was drawn to pinks, yellows, warmth that reminded me of the evening landscape of my mind.....Mmm

Poor photo of the, ' Evening series' I am living with them but overall they have the feel that I was looking for. These are 52 cm sq. Acrylic on board.....strange after the last display of , ' trying to catch the wind series, ' that I seem to have immediately gone still again...he ho..I like...the pinks, the colour palette generally, the simplicity, the with them....

I also repainted two 33 inch square ones, thinking about the evening paintings but also being aware of a little more movement that was created in the wind paintings.... 

These are 33 inches square...I don't think that they go together but I wanted them to so am not quite ready to give up on the togetherness ! Have repainted another but that didn't go either ! He ho....I don't mind them as paintings in hy heir own right though, so living with them ...

This one has had so many incarnations with it for a while before deciding whether to lighten the sky....

Saturday, 1 July 2017

Evening series . July 2017

Lived with the paintings from last week...they seemed to suggest an evening feel....hence, ' evening series, ' research....I gave done quite a few 15 cm ones from an evening series so research them too. Painted over all the works from last week but in the main kept the same structures and colours.

52 cm sq. Washed over quite a few areas of this one in whites and with it some more, and research poem lines...

52 cm sq. Calmed down the trees with washes of cream and white.

52 cm sq. ' Dirted up , ' the pink areas with a wash of black / umber...wiped most of it off though.

Live with this one...unsure yet....what do I like about this....colours, the size ( 33 inches sq. )  seems kind of like the wind meets the evening pieces .

Saturday, 24 June 2017

Landstills 52 cm square

I wanted to use one of the 15 cm sq. pieces as a starting point for a larger, 52 cm square piece. This is the 15 cm piece I chose ...

 I like....the colours...the warmth...most of the marks....will it transfer to a bigger piece...

This was the first one, painted over an old 52 cm sq. I like...the feeling of space...the colours and warmth....maybe I need a little more lighter tone...will love with it for a few days...

This was the second...mmmm....I like...the grey base ( the painting I painted over was predominantly grey ) it seems to harmonise with any colour put on top of it...the colours...the seems a simple landscape so not sure about it but keep going, I have become interested in the relationship between the yellows and the pinks...Mmm , research....the painting readily feels like an evening piece...maybe a series on evening pieces....I like that title looks different when I took an image of it and looked at it on brought the piece into with it a few days and research evening paintings ( back to nocturnes maybe ? )

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Moving out of the winds....don't know where

Painting is hard in sad times ( Grenfell disaster ) It seems so pointless. The paintings themselves have reflected my mood and have been difficult to paint. My landscape is not helping and the beautiful weather seems so wrong. These two are acrylic on board 52 x 35 cm.

The two below need frames on the back. They have been sold but have just been painted on hardboard and 5 mm Mdf. Both are 52 cm sq, acrylic on board. I am going through a phase of liking some of these older paintings. Need to look through them all.

Sunday, 11 June 2017

A morning breath

Tried to consider a larger piece , trying to catch the wind. Had been keeping a diary of the weather but of course, Sod's law, the wind was nowhere ! So that didn't work. I did fins it interesting to consider what colour the wind was on any given day....that was interesting to think about the wind in terms of colour....I didn't seem to have a problem recognising the colour of the wind....I think also it would become easier the more you did it....maybe I should look at the wind also in terms of adjectives that wouldn't neccessarily be used for wind....randomly select some from thed in tigon art to see how that plays out....

Definition of wind in the dictionary....' The per ceptable natural movement of the air,' nice...

So this morning reviewed the research and the paintings done already. Looked at the poems I researched ( I usually read the poems and then mark them overall out of 10... As I read them, I select out the lines of poetry that resonate and just note them down ) ...the line that has stayed with me was from a poem by Christina Rossetti, ' Who has seen the wind Neither you nor I ,'

I tried the bigger piece, mixed up some greeny grey colour ( white, ochre, black ...always a massive favorite ) whats that colour called ? But it seems to be a mainstay of my palette....and mixed some cream, just ochre and white, very bright....just going to paint and collect the words..... The R 's are a note to myself to research further when I have finished painting

Blue grey
Green grey
Still winds ...R
Pale, almost non existing paintings...R
Poetry..I know that a whole poem doesn't ever do it for me....just lines of a poem
Paint one painting at a time and collect the words
Need a green grey ( black, white, ochre ) try different ratios of the individual colours ...R
I seem to want the wind to be horizontal
Need a cream
a morning wind
Don't want the word wind in the title
Pale, pale ,pale
Need darkness
Can you have a, ' still wind,'
Mistake to look at one corner ( for me it never works if I look at one area of a painting, must always look at the whole,'
It's so hard for me to leave brush marks
Laid the wind over the landscape
Like a skyline
Can you have too much blending ?
Don't like the marks, keep wanting to blend them out
This mornings painting is definitely a reaction to darker tonalist feel of the current display
So subtle
Feel like if I carried on putting down the paint , I would return the board to a blank canvas kind of a feel. Mmmm

This is the present display of 52 cm sq. Paintings

This is the days work, ' Morning breath, ' 33 inches suare. Tried photos in different places.