Saturday, 3 December 2016

Greys 2

Poem Lines
( 33 inch square acrylic on board) the name of the series comes from the words that come into my mind when I am painting. I can encourage these words and often do by just keeping a notebook and pencil at the side of my painting....or I can discourage the words by ignoring them when they come into my mind. Overall, I like the poem lines....that's just what they feel like to me....not complete poetry, I don't want to write a complete poem, but rather lines of poetry !

So, catching the word on this one....
Thinking about horizons and tonal paintings...see what comes out...often like a dark underpainting, so mix the darks on top of an old painting....used a mix of Daler Rowney black and red which produces a warm brown that I love...returning to poem lines in a way, to slow myself down, rather than painting the Daily walks, a quicker process....
Trying to get out of tonal it's paintings into horizons...
It's the push and pull of the landscape..and the paint
An orange burst of foliage
It seems about texture
Doesn't seem like winter
But it doesn't seem like winter outside either...sunny georgeous
What to do with the rest of it
Sometimes I am only interested in the top line
I don't think of ot as light when I paint it...just paint
It becomes light after time
Patches of light
My creative process....unsure of what I want, nervous hesitancy in the paint, burst of confidence, nervous hesitancy, unsure about finished piece !!!

Went back into this had got too abstract...pulled it back a bit to the landscape....

What would I call it....' I don't think of it as light, just paint.' If I am critiquing it, it's very understated ...I won't know if it's too understated until a few days have passed.

This was last nights and this mornings...I wanted to try a , ' Friday night practice, like , I think Jeanne Myers. ' It is just that....if there's no pressure to produce a finished piece....just enjoyment in the paint.I didn't collect the words last night, but still the title came this morning, ' Patches of light.' Reminds me of the Distilled landscape series....need to revisit some of those and also try some smaller studies...... Try to glaze some colour/ oils/light into the pieces.....carry on !

Saturday, 26 November 2016

Moving into greys.......

The interest in horizons didn't continue from last week. That's how it goes ! I think I am onto a new muse but it fizzles out if it's not strong enough. So, I painted with thoughts of moving out of tonalist paintings and into horizons and what came out was a return to an interest in greys. Greys are a recurring theme, particularly in winter....the light does affect the colours that I use instinctively and I am ok with that. If not, I have alight box......that works and makes the colours I use more colourful.

I used a painting from last week that I hadn't really liked. Not liking them much at all at the moment....not really worried about that, I go though phases and I know that if I don't like it initially it might well be one that I love when I have left it propped up in the studio for a couple of weeks. We will see.

I am thinking about continuing the series of poem with notebook at the side of the painting, I caught the words....
It's the push and pull of the landscape/ paint
The landscape and the paint become one
An orange burst of foliage
It seems about texture
Where is winter ?
Sunny, georgeous
Where to go
Sometimes I am only interested in the top line
I don't think of light, only paint
It becomes light after time
Hesitance, hesitancy, hesitancy, burst of confidence, hesitancy, hesitancy, but post if confidence recurring

It becomes light after time.....33 inches square, acrylic on board

Critiquing the piece...
First I look at the completed painting and ask myself what words come to mind when I look at the piece......grey, light, my landscape, calm, still.......unfinished ( interesting )

Will return to the paint later this afternoon, gets in the way of the paint sometimes.........

This is this afternoons effort. Charcoal and white chalk on canvas.....It took me a while to get into it....the charcoal is very different to the paint....obviously....but I added water to make a wash and then returned to the wet work with the dark, compressed charcoal. I sprayed the work with water and wiped out the , ' light.' Not sure how to fix it on canvas yet.....looked at artist Michael Wann...georgeous stuff, Sue Bryan also georgeous. Mmmm. I think I could get there if I did a series of them but am I motivated to do that ? Try on paper tomorrow.....

Saturday, 19 November 2016

Moving into horizons

Up and down week in the Art.....still loving the warm darks that I have created in the tonalist paintings..... Had a lovely paint in the Art group on Wednesday, finger painted robins and we had such a laugh!!! The robins came out with their own attitudes / personalities/ was unbelievable.....we are going to continue with finger painting next week...landscapes this time....can't wait....

This was my Northern robin !  I love it .....painted over an old just came to looks as though it's fed up and has a long way to go, trudging through the landscape....ha ha

Today's paint was a little bit of an epic....even though I was trying to create it instantly....I know I have a thing about wanting to create in one sitting....I don't like a conflict of mood in anyone's paintings so I don't generally like working back into a piece in any massive way....that doesn't stop me from repainting older works....and certainly in that instance, I like the input of over painting an unrelated underpainting as I like this one the colours....whatever they were....

It's very dark in this corner of the studio, but often I do like to create paintings in front of others that I want my current piece to relate to ....have to just be on alert with a cloth to wipe off straying paint !

Over the other side of the studio.....made me think of horizons....I like a horizon....and often create them instinctively.Mmmm can feel a little research coming on ........

This one above and these below are winters landscape studies...just trying them out....painted over unrelated underpaintings....loving them at the my acrylics that I used for the big one plus acrylic white ink and sepia ink.....just playing in paint whilst thinking wintery landscapes. .... Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't !

Saturday, 12 November 2016

Moving out of tonalist landscapes

Had a fed up week in reason....just lost my way......go back to plan and be clear about what it is I want from the the moment....

Painted over two 33 inch boards.....liked them a little better...TODAY....May be the opposite tomorrow ! Do think I have learned from doing the tonalist studies....seem to be more aware of the tones and looked at both of these paintings this morning and immediately thought I needed more lights and darks.....didn't take a photo of them before though....

The dark is a dark purple I mixed. I love that...

This one hasn't got enough of a landscape feel to it yet....feels too abstract , not an abstracted landscape.....

Considering my mood, my painting was never going to fill me with joy today....try later.....what can I do ? 
Mix some new colours
Just put colour down
Try two smaller ones for the Art lounge...good idea....

Altered the display in the Art lounge to include four of the newer ones with four older Dailies. It's dark but there is a warmth to it. 

Below are this weeks tonalist studies, 15 cm sq. Sumi ink over acrylic paint.

Saturday, 5 November 2016

Tonalist landscapes 5

Carried on looking at tonalism this week. Have done loads of studies, 15 cm sq. Doing the studies helps me get into a tonalist mindset....well that was the aim anyway. Loved the paint, loved the charcoal in the end ( hated it at first) Too many to record would be boring !

Below are the charcoal ones....I set off using willow charcoal, much prefer that colour, but couldn't get it dark ended up with the very black compressed charcoal.way messy ! I liked them better when I used graphite in the mix.....

Below was today's painting.Phew ! 33 inches square. Reserving judgement on this one until tomorrow !

Saturday, 29 October 2016

Tonalist landscape 4

Loved this weeks look at tonalist landscapes....enjoyed the paint....loved the warm tones of the mixed autumn colours, reds, burgandies, Sienna's, mixes that often include a burnt fav this week. The colours of the trees this week have been spectacular...don't know what makes the leaves on the trees more colourful some years than others...need to research's funny hat I have been in a state of angst about my painting until this know those periods where every other artist seems to have a perfect art life.....go to studio...paint masterpiece....sell masterpiece....etc etc.....And Facebook helps generate those feelings.

I have painted long enough to know that if you are in that period of angst then that usually precedes going on a roll....well it does for me...if you didn't have those negative feelings then you wouldn't push through and go out of your safe land in paint, would you ? You would just repeat what you were doing progression ........

I use a lot of paint in my process....I put it down and then wipe it off.mmmm.....very little is , ' placed,'

What do tonalist landscapes mean to me ?
Often....subtle use of tone ( Whistler )
Lots of mid tone work.....but then
Lots of big dramatic tonal changes ( David Sharpe)
Simple composition
Not much detail
Stillness....not much movement

52 cm sq ( 20 and half inches ) square.I can still feel the wind in it but loved it

52 cm sq....still feel the the warmth too

Some areas of this one remind me of Douglas Fryer ...research his work....or Russel Frampton....research his too 52 cm sq.

52 cm sq. Well I have done it ...Are all tonalist painters male ? Discuss ...Are there any female ones ? Often if I am looking at art I don't know it's quite good to look at the work and ask yourself  is this artist male or female ?

52 cm sq. The paintings are dark...but not cold...I like that.... Try a grungy wash all over the piece...

Try 9 small ( 15 cm sq.) pieces to consolidate/ explore further....

15 cm sq

15 cm sq

15 cm sq

15 cm sq.

15 cm sq

15 cm sq

15 cm sq.

15 cm sq.

15 cm sq

I've done them now, loved them....want to do 100 more today but then I know I am at the mercy of the muse and the feeling might go off me tomorrow.....he ho