Saturday, 27 August 2016

Sepia My North

The tone of the Art lounge with the displays of black and white work looks serious. Although I liked them, I wanted to try and lift the mood and tone in the Art lounge, to include something more colourful or lighter in tone. Mmm. Fail then. I decided to try in sepia ink and this weeks Dailies have been in sepia and white acrylic ink ( both daler Rowney . ) I chose to work from images of my family in old photographs.

I have loads of old black and white and sepia photographs and negatives. I don't know who they are or where they were taken. So different to how we are now.

These three photographs are
1. My Mum and me, on holiday somewhere.
2. My Mums Mum, Annie. No idea how old she was in this photo.
3. My Mum as a young teenager.

No 1. 

No. 2. I liked the texture when I put the white ink over the sepia or vice versa.

No 3. Mmmm , same photo, all different images.Mmmm.

No 4. Mmmm

No 5. Mmm prefer when I haven't tried to get to he features.

No 6.

No 7.Mmmm.think it could have potential.

No 8. Used the ink as a wash, like watercolours. But it's harder to control than watercolours...doesn't reset and lift out the same.

No 9.
I have worked so hard on these but not as pleased with them as others. Try again !

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Framing the My North images

It's a small post today .....but it's taken ages. Framing is crucial to any work and generally the better the framing, the better the piece looks overall. That said, I have been very disappointed with the last two I have had framed....very expensive and very high quality frames but I didn't wholly like them ...he ho, have taken the pieces out and reused the frames, I am trying to take some time out of painting to look at frames.....

These are the backs of the 52 cm dailies painted in Johnstone's dove grey. The pieces of art are just blue tacked on the boards to see if they would look good. Love it really. I had wanted these pieces to look like old photographs and had slightly achieved that with the white border around the work. That only showed up with the use of a colour, ie the grey on the backboard. 

This was a long , thin photo frame I picked up at Emmaus. I thought this would look so good and it just doesn't . Will re paint it in the dark grey which I am becoming addicted to.

These frames are made with two sheets of glass so produce a glass border. I love them on the grey but didn't like them on the mushroom colour that the chimney breast was. These frames were £3.99 each from B and M.

I got presents from a friend's daughter. Love them. Don't know what half of them are....but I know I need to find out. 

Tried the pencils on a drawing of a very young Dave ( husband ) Couln't do him justice today ....try again !

Painted backboards in charcoal grey ( current obsession ) thought I would love them.....and I do like them but not as much as I thought I would ....

The one below is frame from Tesco. I could see a line of the really, so it was good to try them....I didn't think I would like them ...he ho. I think this frame was about £6 and they do them in white and black as well.

Back to the ink. love it ! Procrastinating over the drawing !

Framed three of the Mills and hills in rectangular frames. Loved them in the black frames. Like having the square piece in a rectangular frame.

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Mills and hills

So, trying to do something to balance or extend the ,' My North,' pieces. I could have done them bigger but wanted them not to overshadow the my North ones and also wanted them to have a feel of old black and white photographs. Will continue to work on the framing and have catalogued them on My Pinterest boards. When I start off on something new or newish, I love that adrenalin rush.....but then sometimes the muse fizzles out and I abandon the work...or sometimes you kind of go on a roll. With these, I still have a nervous expectancy, not a full conviction so continue and have ordered some sepia ink to try that. Love the art !

This one has white ink added....loved it ! Loved the abstract qualities....Mmmmm

Monday, 15 August 2016

Back to the North

My North paintings have been going South just lately....because I love loads of them and have sold a few, I feel under pressure to live up to the ones that I have already made. Phew...the artist's struggle ! Have a word with yourself. What happens if you make a crap painting ? Nothing ! You can paint over it ! Get over myself !

So last nights and this morning I am back on my North. Painting and looking at different ways to frame them. Review the whole project.....what am I intending to do with them.....what do I want from them.....I have liked selling them just on paper, unframed, so much easier... They are only small ( 15 cm sq. ) and I can post them recorded delivery. I hadn't wanted to sell them at first, it was breaking up the series as a whole but I only started it to make some small, saleable pieces. Well, not really. I started it because of my Granddaughter. It made me realise that my kids didn't know anything about my childhood.Not because of any concious decision not to tell them, it just never came up.

So...I wanted to work towards a , ' My North,' installation of small work. That, I am still doing.
This morning's challenge was to turn this display of small nocturnes into a display of My Norths. I have painted these backboards in Johnstone's Dove grey so it's a cool grey. I like it. The backboards are the backs of Daily paintings, so waste not, want not.I like the presentation of these nocturnes but can see that the detail in the works is lost because you can't get close enough to see them becaus of the daybed. Therefore maybe try to dramatise the shapes and the tones, ' shapes of the North.' Try it
( well the last two were me trying it )

This was one of last nights....Nora Battye tights with mends in ....we played in the roads, there weren't any cars....the roads were wider then...I don't remember bright colours....we played hopscotch but not with major enthusiasm

All we wanted was to be older ! We so looked up to the older kids

There were loads of terraces but lots of rubble covered wasteland. Was that from the war ?

This was the one I thought most fitted the brief but need to do 10 before critiquing.

Will paint over this one !!,
Back to the paint....

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Morning paintings

Did the research on sunrise/ sunset. Interesting. Lots of science, but briefly.....
Colours are affected by climate/ position....I couldn't understand why some paintings I thought were sunrises were actually sunsets. They after look the same and the position of the sun could be the same in a sunrise as a, during the day the sun heats up the air leading to more air movement leading to the air picking up more particulates eg dust, smoke. It also leads to water evaporation and there is more pollution from us in the day. All this in the sky leads to the colours in the sunset being seen in a more diffused way. During the night the air is cleaner and calmer so, at dawn there are less particulates in the air. The colours are clearer. Add into this is our eyes. At night time, our eyes are, ' daylight eyes,' they let in less light because it is light. With the sunrise, our eyes are in, ' night eyes mode ,' so let in more light because it's needed. So the sunrise or morning sky seems different. Phew ! Interesting is moving in and out of Nocturnes and Matins ( morning paintings )

Artists whose work I think has a feeling of morning/ sunrise.
Lorianne Signori
gavin Brooks
Michael English
Helen booth
Sonia Standing

I didn't like the paintings I did with morning in mind ! Try again !

My morning light mainly has no colour at all ! Try greying out some work see if that works....try selecting Dailies to see if honey have a feeling of morning. Mmm ...that might work....put colour over graphite.

Saturday, 13 August 2016

Debussy nocturnes/ matins

Had a bad hair week in paint ! Phew ! Set off to paint Chopin's nocturne no 3, didn't like the Nocturne at first so tried the small 15 cm sq. Pieces that I go to in times of wobbly ness. So, it was the same story as before by about 10 plays of the nocturne ( it's only a few minutes long ) I loved the melody although still thought it was fussy and didn't like the dark passage. Loved the small nocturnes though. Have put them up in the Art lounge on a cold grey background. Loved them. Small but perfectly formed Nocturnes.

Nocturnes displayed on cool grey boards in the Art lounge.

I thought I would just take a trip out of Chopin Nocturnes so listened to Debussy, Clair de Lune and Elgar's Chanson de Matin. Thought I would look at a few , ' Matins,' morning paintings. Mmm.
Thought I would try the long thin rectangular shape that cuts across the frame.Mmm
Loved the colours in the sky

Reject this one

Dark and moody


It's about the shape.
Have a go tomorrow painting matins to Em and Em ! To try to get them more edgy !

Friday, 5 August 2016

Chopin Nocturnes in paint

Loved it....What I wanted to do was to kind of translate Chopin's Nocturnes into paint. Fail ! But enjoyed it. I love Whistler's Nocturnes but I wanted something contemporary, abstract, a description of a landscape. Fail...but enjoyed it.....will have to try again.

I hadn't wanted to move on from the Nocturn number 1 but when I did , I loved number 2 ....lesson learned..

Chopin composed 21 Nocturnes. They are around 5 minutes long and are beautiful. My idea was that I would paint the pieces( studies for a better word ) in the time the Nocturne played. Fail...but enjoyed it....

Nocturne Number 2
Words during the painting.... ugh...try acrylic...give watercolour a's woodland...try an lost in the greys ..too fiddly...throw everything at's going too lost in the paint.....

Chopin nocturne no 2, opus 9, study 4.

It's a little fiddly..I did throw everything at it....feels a little like Lesser Urey/ Charles Conder

Chopin nocturn no 2, opus 9. Study number 4.
Words for this the smell of the white gouache, try working from an image.....feels like a Romantic's a place for dreaming...getting closer....

Chopin nocturne number 2, opus 9, study number 4.
I tried without the words. I played the Nocturne twice ( I hadn't managed to paint the Nocturn in the playing time ) love this Nocturne now. I am still in the memories....

I mounted the first one of the Second Nocturne. The mount colour I chose was grungy....I will try on a white mount or try different frames....

I wrote all over the dark inky. It's of by his one with white gel pen. Has potential....

Because the paintings in the Art lounge now feel very serious, I was trying to lighten the overall feel so painted a little are aof one alcove with a lime green. Love it.

These are 8 of the Nocturnes.Unsure yet....will work on acceptance of them....they seem....serious...somber....dark.....perhaps if I put Fairy lights all round them , that might lift it....

Put tags on the My North paintings with the titles on ( the memories are the titles ) Think I preferred them without the tags but this way I have the option of displaying the title...

All the ones below are to the Chopin Nocturne no 2. 

 In the end I just played the Nocturne constantly and painted....lovely afternoon. Will critique them later....the sumi ink overpowered the watercolour so lots of the thoughts I had were ugh...ugh. Will try some smaller ones with the cpacrylics and sumi.....Mmmmm