Monday, 26 September 2016

Trying to paint the wind ( 2 )

How to paint the wind ? Mmmm....what set me off on the wind was Saturday evening....wind, strong enough to possess the hills....strong enough to be heard from was a warm day and the wind felt unthreatening...pleasant in the woods.....not windy enough to rock the trees but strong enough to move some branches, that bent in response to the wind....

What do I want ?  Movement...feelings.... Landscape ( can I ever have wind without landscape ? )...not much colour.....Mmmmm, not a lot to ask...what colour is wind ? White, grey or clear....I like the idea that the wind carries colour from the landscape it passes through......

Don't critique these pieces...or else the muse will disappear...

Put down darks ...colours of the landscape
Then covered it over with greys and whites and scraped the paint over. Last step was to splatter greens...

Below was the second attempt ....loved the floating, ' bits , ' across what could be the sky...

Third attempt....spent quite a lot of time placing , ' leaves, ' with a kind of tapping of the paint brush...

Below were the 9 small, 15 cm pieces. It defo was easier to try and capture the wind on a larger piece....

Messy but ok.

Tones are similar

Splattered and then scraped

Abstracted but warm

Abstracted and scraped

Threw everything at this one

Calm, warm wind

Swirled the paint, printed off, splattered

Messy but windy

I liked quite a lot of the marks on the pieces today....will the muse still very around tomorrow ? 

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Trying to paint the wind

So have had a massive paint this weekend. Love the paint. Not so in love with the images....he ho. Yesterday though had started off  drifting in the landscape and paint ? Loved it. But by the late afternoon and evening the wind came....strong and firm , not tumbling over the hills but rather , possessing them....loved it....try and paint it....Mmmmmm........loved trying but didn't much like the images... Have to try again...research wind / poetry/ paintings about wind/ can't wait....

So painted over some of the paintings from yesterday...had a massive creative burst....exciting but exhausting....the paintings don't all go together...he ho....

Does the wind have colour ?
The wind doesn't come all the way down to the land does it ? The land beats it doesn't it ? But the wind last night blew downwards.Mmmm

The paintings ...33 inches square....acrylic

The third one is not a new one, but it fits...

This one is a little cold in colour

The wind blew downwards

The three later ones

 Up on the Art lounge wall. They just have tacks on the back of the pictures so I can hook them on 
the baton that's along the wall. I have the same set up at Emmaus Mossley so I can put up the display very quickly. I hate the business of transporting the paintings but will like them up in the showroom. Will see how many I need.

This afternoon I am going to try going into the small 15 cm square landscapes about ,' wind .' Can't wait......

So....looking at , ' wind,' they can be caused by differences in atmospheric pressure or by the heating of land surfaces ( breezes ) ......words....gust....breeze...prevailing wind....thermal wind...gale...hurricane...sea breeze...gradient wind....winds can shape landforms.......

Looked at paintings that said,' wind,' to me....Lewis Noble....lots of landscape drawings / marks/ colours...movement....not massive tonal changes.....Mmmm

Wind 1

wind 2

Wind 3

Wind 4

Wind 5

Wind 6

Wind 7

Wind 8

Wind 9

Wind 10

Wind 11

Wind 12

Ok a little bit harder than I thought.the one that best says wind to me today was number 6....where in a way the wind has been given a physical form....but that also could be interpreted as some more.....but some more research first.....

Saturday, 24 September 2016


Trying to keep out of the My North project to allow some space / marinating time ....just so I can see it a little clearer. Trying to pull together a landscape display for Emmaus where I am the resident artist. I have a space in have showroom to display my work and the work of the Art group I facilitate there. Love it.

What do I want today....tonalist landscape ( love em ) romantic, dramatic, warm, colour....
And yet, I fancy greys....always like a grey landscape....will see what comes out....these are the words that came to me whilst I painted.....sometimes I collect the words....sometimes I let them go....

Just put the paint down
Try different greys
Morning painting...light ?
Immediately I am flirted into Helen Booth / Sonia their work...
Got an hour ( time binding good for me and my creativity )
Look back at my distilled landscapes
Put the paint down in layers
Let it slightly dry off...go again
Keep what you want in mind
Love thick layers of paint to play with
Feel it
Don't worry
Feel the wind
Very often I don't go down to the darkest tone
Supposed to be doing a tonalist landscape
Let it dry
Is there any warmth ?
Don't mind the texture just don't want the brush strokes
There's no warmth in it at all
How dark can a green go without  it being black ?
Keep getting a horizon
Don't want a horizon
Try small ones to loosen up

Feel the wind. Acrylic .33 inches square on board. Mmmmm. Come back to it later on....

At Emmaus Mossley where I am the resident artist, I often come into donations passed up to me to see if I can use them in the Upcycling group or the Art group. This week a whole box of someone's Old Art stuff has come in. Loads of old paper that has gone cream with age, sketch books, notes of someone's Art course. It's lovely to look through and one of our Upcycling volunteers. Jean suggested putting together journal packs for selling in the showroom. 

This was called , ' a triatese on lettering, ' 

Love it ! 

So, had a massive full on paint today. Enjoyed the paint but not so much the images....maybe will have to paint over them tomorrow. The one above I painted over but actually preferred it before I reworked it ...and reworked it etc he ho.... These are 33 inch square paintings in acrylic. I think of them as big sketches......hung them in the Art lounge to , ' live with them.' I remember this morning wanting tonalist landscapes ...or greys ! They go there own way  and today they went green ! There

are loads of lovely greens around though and weather lovely ...

Also blue tacked most of the mills to the Art lounge wall. Defo had rusty landscape fingers today. Need to go small to try again....

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Northern Women

Not sure of the title of the piece from yesterday yet....never normally have this problem but just need to let it be for a while, something will come.....tried arranging a frame and photographs on a very neutral landscape painting. Absolutely loved it.Loved incorporating the landscape painting into the work.....finally brought the hills into the , ' my North , ' project.....I have not been able to so far

Neutral landscape painting with frame ( from Emmaus Mossley ) and old photos.....

Paintings made directly onto old photographs ( I have so many that I don't know who they are or where they are.....

I have replaced about 8 of the photographs now....Have I managed to keep the same flavour ? Live with it for a while before answering...using inks but finding it hard to achieve the very light sepia notes .mmmmm

This was the piece from yesterday. I still love it ...maybe the title should be, ' Northern women.' They were all Northern women that the paintings were of. I had started painting my own female line but it got wider than that....

Saturday, 17 September 2016

Progression , ' What are they trying to tell me ? '

Because I run a weekly Art group (  I have done that for about 14 years so we have knocked the corners off each other ) I usually have to come up with ideas each week and what I do in the Art group at Emmaus massively feeds into my own work. This week we looked at tissue....using a glue stick, I put the tissue down and then either using a pen or an outliner, I scribbled over it with loose kind of floral shapes and painted the resulting shapes with inks ( ugh on their own....colours garish....but the inks are jewel like on the tissue) ....I then painted over most of it with pale acrylic to cover the ink up !

I tried the techniques in the Northern project but it was ugh ugh.

My North

Progression is such a relative concept ! I feel like I have massively moved up a notch with this, ' My North,' project. I comtinued too work in sepia and white ( love it, love it ! ) but altered the format of
the work to reflect more the photograph shapes....worked smaller too....this is the piece to date.

I like....
The colour... Sepia sand white
The size and scale of the piece
That it can go round a corner
The placement of the images, tumbling out of an empty frame
I am not so sure of...
The colour of the frame...maybe a little dark
What does it make me think of ?
The past
The women of the past
The love that I feel from those women
Mmmm will live with it !

I love the piece hung round the corner in the Art lounge but the photo hasn't come out as well...

I am still playing catch up with this piece....not sure what it's about.....but I love it TODAY ...

Collected some more frames and odd bits of wood at Emmaus this week to try and display the work in .....think I am still confused about how the final display will look....I can't quite get the looser displays to work in my mind with the grids that I have done before...he ho !

Need to paint tomorrow.....try a landscape to help me step backs a bit from this project to help me see clearer !