Saturday, 27 May 2017

Trying to paint the wind again (3)

This week I have been working on trying to work on the 52 cm sq boards , increasing the size of the , ' Trying to paint the wind , ' paintings. It has required effort to let the marks I make stay showing on the paintings natural tendency is to blend, blend and blend some more.

My research has also been quite hard....hard to find paintings that I felt captured the wind ...but these are the ones closest to it....

Louise Balaam
SP Goodman
Russell Frampton
Hannah Woodman
Janine Baldwin
Nicholas Herbert
Patricia Sadler
Lewis Noble

These were the paintings, worked back into quite a few times.....
It is so interesting to see how the paintings translate onto the internet. Some look so much better on the internet, some the opposite. This one I really liked ....but maybe it feels more like a warm mist than a wind.

I was trying to make lines...I made them with acrylic paint in an applicator, a little like icing a cake. What else could I use? Paint on a brush, chalk pastel, oil pastel, water soluable crayon ( I have some somewhere, Nicholas Herbert uses them but they didn't work for me )

The long diagonal black line came out of the applicator on it's own but I left it . Interesting. My lines are a little tentative...I don't know what they represent yet....but they add to the feeling of movement or wind.

The walk today was windy but our trees here are old and established....they didn't move, only the absolute outside leaves kind of shivered and rustled. I couldn't see the wind today ! I could only feel it....and it still feels a warm wind !

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Trying to paint the wind again (2)

Love the small pieces but with the acrylics sometimes when they dry , they die and I am disappointed the day after when I look at them. Often the ones I liked yesterday, I don't like today. I can't wait to get in the workspace in the morning but then often the chase begins again !

These are another layer to the yesterday ones.....still trying to paint the wind !

A gentle wind, acrylic, 15 cm sq.

Layers of wind, acrylic, 15 cm sq.

A cream wind, acrylic, 15 cm sq.

Anyway the wind blows, 15 cm sq. Acrylic

Misty wind, acrylic, 15 cm sq.

The warm breeze, acrylic, 15 cm sq.

White wind, acrylic, 15 cm sq.

Thinking about what colour the wind is ? When I googled brought up a Country and Western song.

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Trying to paint the wind again

Trying small ones for enjoyment. They are kind of like my sketchbook...anything goes...but I love doing them....these are this weeks. Slowly got into it....and then was tRyingt no paint the wind. Love it. Research the poetry.....but of course the wind is nowhere about....the landscape is still !

This one ( above ) a favourite

Trying to paint the wind.

Forgot I was trying to paint the wind !

Title, ' the way through,' back tot he woods be framed like this them too !

Saturday, 13 May 2017

Silson Contemporary

Two photographs from last nights ( 12 th May 2017 ) preview at Silson Contemporary, Harrogate. The event was, ' Spring into Summer. ' Beautiful exhibition and good to meet Facebook friends Lesley Birch, Gary Crowder, Julia Poulton and Ali Thompson. Lots more artists there who I didn't get to meet.

These are some of my paintings on display . It was interesting that all the walls were white and at home none of my walls are, so , the paintings looked completely different.....not better or worse, just different .

The grey ones are 33 inches square and the four on the chimney breast are 52 cm sq. The small ones are 15 cm sq.

Will be painting tomorrow.

Saturday, 6 May 2017

Spring greens (5)

This week I have continued with the Spring greens. This was the 52 cm sq. piece. I like the pink in it.
Try some more with the rose pink in. Not a colour I would have used. The following four were me trying to put some , ' My North, ' images on canvas, rather than paper. I love working on paper but haven't really liked any of the framed ones. Not too keen on the works behind glass. Hence why I am trying on canvas. They are small, 15 cm square canvases, the same size as the ones on paper....I have built up impasto and texture with layers of paint. I enjoyed that. We will see if I continue with them. 

This is the revised wall, with the pink one included. The pink is beginning to lift the display ( I had thought it too serious ) Try done more lighter colours this week , see if I can push this display somewhere away from , ' serious. '

Saturday, 29 April 2017

Spring greens ( 4 )

So today I was wanting to pare the work down, remove some of the clutter or fullness....less is more kind of thing...include less....edit more ....

Perhaps just create a part of a landscape or a feeling of a landscape more than a literal landscape. Still feels that these paintings come under the heading of , ' Spring greens.'

I want the opposite of fuss !

Backwards and forwards on hy his one....lots of glazes and washes and paint overs. 52 cm sq, acrylic on board.

Feels more like a tonalist painting but still too much of a literal sky and landscape.

Much less literal. Lots of glazes and washes. 52 cm sq.

Reworking an old one. 52 cm sq.

These were the four re painted ones from today plus two that I hadn't painted over ( seem to be going through a phase of painting over them all ! ) I don't mind them individually but collectively they look very serious. Generally the cooler colours look more serious. Mmmm will see what tomorrow brings....

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Spring greens ( 3 )

Trying to change direction on the paint....more difficult than I thought, because I paint intuitively, the paintings come out as they do, rather than me deciding which direction to go in. It's fine, I think that the only way is to paint a lot and try to nudge it somewhere else, not that I know which direction I want to go in...research what I like in other people's paintings.

These are today's ( and yesterday's )paint overs, 33 inches square.I wanted greens, I wanted warmth. Maybe I have produced another two paintings that will be destined for the paint over pile !

Acrylic, 33 inches sq. ' the colours of my landscape,'
What do I like.....that it's different than the others gone before....the richness....some of huge textures made by scraping the paint.... It's important for me that I live with it for a few days.....

This was today's acrylic, 33 inches sq.working title,' not my landscape,' .....what did I like...the richness...the textures...the warmth of the creamy/ grey colour....not sure it is a cohesive with it...

Just explaining that my studio chair, a comfortable black office armchair , with arms,is also my easel .  I prop the paintings up on the chair and have put grey parcel tape on huge arms to stop the paintings slipping. I much prefer this to the easel. It works for me !