Saturday, 18 February 2017

A Quiet Landscape

Enjoying the paint. Loving the Quiet landscapes although they have gone a little pink or rosy ! Researched pink landscapes a little with out much major success. But I didn't have much success researching quiet landscapes...I found a few artists ( see my Pinterest boards ) but had to search really...nothing that spoke to me in terms of Art or poetry....interesting ( well to me anyway ) but compared to , for example, tonalist paintings , where I appreciate lots of Art.

I have been interested in almost , ' refreshing, ' old sketches...I did quite a lot this shape that went straight accross the board. I like the format and still am trying to get it to work in an actual decent frame for the galleries. Try again !

This is a sketch ( what's a sketch ? ) placed on board. I think of these as sketches even though I do work back into them. Perhaps it's because they are on paper. Unsure. It's just a label...but often these labels are on paper...mmmm

Below is the current display of sketches at Emmaus Mossley. I have displayed my work and the work of the Art group at Emmaus Mossley for years, giving a voluntary donation to Emmaus for any sold. But now, I want to concentrate on working for galleries so I am planning to display and have some kind of event or Open studio at Emmaus once a year. I still will run the Art group and Upcycling group there. So big thank you to Emmaus Mossley for letting me do this and the display will be up until the beginning of a March.

The display is simply board painted white with the sketches pinned on. I like the format. I like the fact that I am looking at something other than a traditionally mounted and framed piece.

I was trying to bring in pinks, deliberately, working towards a display of 8 paintings together in the Art lounge ( back room ).... The greens in the landscape have altered so much this week, in anticipation of a next season. 

Acrylic on board, 52 cm sq. ' Anticipation of Spring. '

Mixing the greens has been just lovely this week. ' A quiet smile ' acrylic and ink on board, 52 cm sq.

Put the display up. It's a lot of paintings to put together but that's ok. I made a quiet sign out of card and mountcard ( print the right sized letters off the computer , cut them out of thin card and stick them to a piece of mountcard. Paint them )

When I look at this display ( the last one was actually a tonalist painting ) I do feel that they are ' quiet landscapes,' I wanted quiet, reflection, meditative, still, little abstract....and in the main that's what I got. Some were quieter than others...maybe the cooler in colour the painting was, the quieter it was also. I am sure I will return to a quiet landscape.......

Saturday, 11 February 2017

Quiet landscapes

At different times you need different things from your art. Sometimes you need it to challenge you, sometimes you need it to be comfortable, reflective, give you space, give you no arguament....and maybe I needed to enjoy my art more than anything else this week....I am still looking at , ' Quiet paintings,' what do I mean by that ? Well quiet, not loud, reflective, calm....colours ? Well obviously the greys but I wanted to push the colour a little....have some more colour in them....but still keep them,' quiet,' so that was the little challenge this week.

Must research poetry and classical music about quiet landscapes....( have a Pinterest board collecting images of paintings thAt I feel are ,' quiet.' And I massively think that all the external research eg the music and the poetry helps the paintings and helps the deepening of the subject....

These were the ones I came up with but not overly pleased with them ....but as always maybe you have to paint so many crap paintings before the good stuff comes out !

' Spring came quietly,' acrylic on board 52 cm sq. Layers of transparent washes ( used the paint mixed with varnish ) and opaque mixes. Will have to live with this one....unsure yet...

' An empty quiet,' 52 cm sq, acrylic. There is a feeling of distance and haze in this one. Again , have to   live with it for a while.

' A quiet dark,'.....tried to bring in colour and darker tones....with limited success...maybe needs a little more , ' drama,' in the paint ! 

Massively trying to organise the cataloguing of my work....losing track of the paintings, where they are etc. Often I will think a painting is finished and record it ( usually on my Pinterest boards) then paint over it , so it doesn't exist any more....but I forget to go back into Pinterest to delete it !

Also this week had lots of paintings to put frames on the back for Hope gallery, Redbrick mill Batley, Yorkshire. Caroline Gillatt, the owner of the gallery came to the studio to pick out a new collection of my work for the gallery. 

Saturday, 4 February 2017

Oil sketches for a Northern project

Seem to have naturally moved away from the greys. Have been looking at oils, particularly oil sketches. What to say....messy, smelly, get everywhere but luscious, rich and deep ! Ordered lots of mountcard offcuts off ebay and off I went. We have been looking at oils in the Art group and they have been really strong. So, researching urban or Northern artists that I like ...I like David Coulter, David Bez, Nathan Wild, Anna King.

We went round the town and took photos from the car...and my photography skills are pretty grim but it doesn't matter, in fact it helps , if the photograph isn't so good. I find it very restricting to paint from a photo....I think , for me, there is a deep seated sense of trying to accurately portray the photo which , of course, is not my art.

Some of the card I worked straight onto with the oil, some I primed with acrylic so the oils sat on top rather than soaked in.

This was a watercolour on canvas...I had ordered some canvases from Amazon that are specially formulated for watercolours. I quite liked the surface.12 inch sq.

Sketch with a couple of layers.

Again, this one had a couple of layers. Liked it better after the first layer.

Abstraction helped a little with the one.

Photo reference below for this one. The backs.

Over the bypass. ( I had primed the board with white acrylic )

Scraped off the pain and liked it better. Will work back into it.

Wiping the oil paint on ....loved it...and used pencil, that seemed to melt into the oil paint.

Loved using these techniques.

Photo reference of where I used to live.

I ordered mountcard offcuts...there are about 450 pieces of mountcard varying sizes for £8.99. 

The other photos were the Art group from Wednesday.

Saturday, 28 January 2017

Grey 11

Again, still in greys this week and empty, quiet landscapes. Thought this week that I will do a series of , ' Quiet landscapes.' I like the concept...I like the greys...I like the thought of the research around quiet landscapes.Mmm something to look forward to...

Still having major problems with the lighting of the works...the times that I have been able to photograph paintings are the times this week that the sky has been grey, grey, grey. Lovely to me as an artist...hopeless to take photographs outside of the paintings ! He ho...

These are this weeks work...I am actually trying to move slightly out of greys ( I definately get addicted to certain colours and then subconsciously pick them all the requires a strong act of will to get out of huge colour addiction ! He ho

Thinking about quiet landscapes...which artists ? Fred Cuming, John Felsing, Lena Armstrand, Rachel sudworth, Sonia Stanyard....research....when I look at some of mine , I see a quiet landscape in some of them....what do I think of these this week, quiet, calm, reflective, introspective, grey......

33 inch sq. Acrylic on board, ' A space inbetween a landscape and a mood.'

 52 cm sq. Acrylic on board. ' A grey with prettiness.'
52 cm sq. ,' a quiet drama.'

52 cm sq. , ' A lightness of feel.'

A very poor photo of the Art lounge... I am putting up the ,' Quiet lanscape series as we speak.'

Oh I remember looking at Thomas Aquinas Daley's landscapes,' painting Natures quiet places,' gorgeous. Research and go small to enjoy them and try and complete a series then close it and onto the next !

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Grey 10 and sketch of bella

We had to have our Jack Russell ( with attitude ) put to sleep on Wednesday. She was so ill, so quickly. This sketch was from a photo taken last week on her walk. I did it on primed Mdf , medium acrylic and tears. But it did give me some comfort to sketch her and put the sketch near the fire, her favourite place ! Phew

Of course my inner artist tells me I could have done it better but it has caught something of her , so leave it ! It is automatic that my upset is played out in paint, my natural means of expression.

Managed also to paint, ' A quietness, ' acrylic, 33 inches square on board. Still in greys but bringing in gentle colour. Reminds me of Fred Cumings palette...research. I love the paint ! 

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Studio tidy up ..trying not to paint

Trying not to paint in order to clear out and tidy up in the studio. Failed on the 7 day painting task ! But will have to get my act together tomorrow because we are working in oils in the Art group on Wednesday.

I have invested in led lights to help the clarity of my photographs. Phew. I painted a wall white following the advice and tried the photographs. These are they. We will see.

Had a 52 cm sq painting framed.

Have to tidy up ! Too many piles of stuff !

Back to woodwork and making a frame . Will post the results tomorrow.

52 cm sq. Acrylic on canvas. Trying the new led spotlights.

An older distilled landscape.

One of the a Mills and hills series, 15 cm sq. sumi ink.

32 inch sq. Acrylic on board.

52 cm sq. Acrylic on board

Lots of work tomorrow !

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Grey 9

Sunday....the weather has met my paintings...such it...taken photos on the dog walk and going to paint from them this week....had been nominated for a 7 painting challenge by David Sharpe ( gorgeous tonalist painter ) so thought I would take the opportunity to paint something this week that I wouldn't normally paint ( I might fail on this , but this is today's thought) like buildings, cars, dog.Mmm. We will see.

These are the photos of the walk

Trying to redo the Art lounge in greyscapes....

These were three 33 inch square pieces

This was yesterday's piece that I worked back into this morning....kind of gentles it

Dog nearly singing her fur in front of the Art lounge fire

Decoupage frames from this week....decoupaged with old paintings them

Is is any wonder I paint trees....Art lounge view !