Sunday, 16 April 2017

Spring greens (2)

Having a major block with the paintings, nothing working, don't like anything etc. etc. etc. well, is it a block when actually you don't want to paint ? Or is it just that you need time out to reflect on your work in order to affect change ? Possibly that is the case, however, often you just need the discipline of going into the studio to do something.....this is today's something....

I tidied up in the studio, often a catalyst for new work. I looked at my paints and thought ..
I want green
I want texture
Maybe I want prettiness
If I look out of the window ,  I see so many different greens....
The textures were  accidental
How do you make a landscape painting out of texture ? Research it.... Off the top of my head I think Lewis Noble, Nicki Heenan
I used masks
I wanted to use splatters but in end didn't
I need to mix some greens

This was the painting, ' A green day, ' for the moment, I like it. I like...
The balance of tones
The small flecks of colour ( I used oil pastel )
The scratching texture ( I used my trusty printing tool )
The greens with the pink
I like that the ochre got into the pink and turned it salmons pink ( research pinks )

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